SSL Certificate

What Does an SSL Certificate Do?

The primary function of any SSL certificate,  is to secure your website through encrypting the data that passes between your website and the computer of the person viewing your website. The data passed could be usernames, passwords, personal information or even credit card information. An SSL certificate encrypts that data to prevent eavesdropping on route. This is  also a great way to build more trust with your customers.

SSL Certificate (Annual)
£49 per/year
Single Domain
Browser Padlock
$10,000 Warranty
256bit Encryption
Site Seal Logo
99.9% Browser Support
Mobile Device Support


Browser Padlock

Our SSL certificate will give you the green padlock icon in your browser making your website appear secure to your customers. This is a great way to build and instill trust in whoever is accessing your website.


Purchasing an SSL Certificate may be easy but Installing an SSL Certificate on your website could sometimes prove more complicated especially if you aren't tech savvy. But not to worry, our SSL certificate comes with a FREE Installation service (as long as you host your website with us) meaning you will never have to worry about going through that process ever again.

256 bit Encryption
Our SSL certificate comes with full 256 bit encryption. This means that your data will be secure whilst in transit and hidden from potentially prying eyes!
Site Seal Logo

Our SSL Certificate comes with a free Site Seal Logo which you can display anywhere on your site, to let customers know they're shopping on a secure site.

Single-Domain Security

This Standard SSL Certificate provides security for a single domain. To secure multiple domain names, you will need to purchase separate domain names.

Mobile Device Support

You will not experience any SSL issues if accessing your site via mobile or tablet. We offer full mobile device support across all of our SSL offerings.